Peaking is a paradigm shift: A new stage—a higher form of life.


Peaking At 70 is not a bucket list, nor is it about climbing or physical training, though the latter are major elements hereof. P@70 is about peaking physically and mentally. It’s about challenges, discoveries, and rediscovering self, culture and country; and it's about paradigm shifts, destroying perceived limits, and reaching for the high ground.

 “Peaking” has multiple meanings: climbing Mounts Shasta (14,180’), Rainier (14,411’) and Baker (10,781’), the culmination climbs of many peaks [watch video of the Mt. Baker climb here or in blog entry of 20 August 2017]]; but the project is about so much more. Del Vecchio, the New York Times bestselling author of The 13th Valley and other works of fiction and non-fictions, plans a new book, blog, documentary film, feature articles and videos about hitting new physical and mental heights, about challenges and obstacles, and about his journey to rediscover America. He's probing the current condition of our nation’s psyche from a novelist's eye, examining who we are, after decades of turmoil, via interviews with people long-known and others met along the way. We have a lot to look at and a lot to talk about. Join him.

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the journey

How does one rediscover self? More importantly, how does one rediscover this land from sea to shining sea? As The Journey gets underway follow us on social media, read the Peaking at 70 blog, Let's Talk America, and look for our interim articles, commentary, and videos while we write the book and make the documentary film.

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Are you ready to go up high? To accept the challenge? To consider new perspectives and paradigm shifts? A 70-year old guy doesn’t peak glaciers at 14,000 feet, or make a documentary without some help (Meet the Team). Support the making of the film and the trek to rediscovery; receive a free book with donations of $50 or more.

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